St Paul wrote “Old things are passed away.  Behold, all things are become new.”  That’s something I can agree with.  My old Beintenueve which I bought in Olongapo in 1966, was a good and reliable comrade for many years.  But in late 2009 it went missing.  From Magsaysay Drive in Olongapo to Kingsway in Malta, from the mean streets of Boston to the docks of Norfolk, that knife went wherever I went.  After I lost it, I made up my mind to find a good replacement.  I investigated several websites, talked to other Vietnam veterans and hadn’t had a bit of luck finding anything I liked.

Then I discovered Pinoy Steel and very quickly found a Beintenueve that fit the bill perfectly.  The Rambo-style blade with serrated spine and bottle opener was just what I wanted, and I lost no time in ordering it.  I was amazed that it made it all the way from Asia to my front door in three days!  I was blown away by the quality…if I had to lose my old carry piece, at least its replacement was of even better quality.  Jay, you and Pinoy Steel are tops in my book!  I cannot thank you enough.  My next step is to have a custom leather horizontal sheath crafted to fit this massive beauty.  And, when I have it, a pic or two will be forthcoming.

And those of you who read this, please allow me to give you a bit of sage advice that’s always been dear to my heart: there are few problems in this world that cannot be solved with the judicious application of cold steel, edge and point!

The knifecrafters of the Philippines have improved as the years have rolled by, and I’m delighted to have chosen Pinoy Steel to fill my pocket once again!



First I bought a wood and brass beinte nueve to replace my lost war souvenir knife of some 40 years. That made me a happy camper of course, but it didn’t stop there. I bought a kriss 23cm with steel bolsters and polished bone for my lady, who is also a knife lover. That made two happy campers in one household! You guys and gals reading this material for the first time, take a tip from me. If you want to flip or just want to defend yourself, or even if you’re simply a collector, Pinoy Steel is the site for you. Good prices, quick and secure delivery, and superlative handcrafted Batangas blades mean that there’s no way on Earth that you’ll be disappointed. A tip of the hat to Pinoy Steel!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention how surprised I was when my first order was delivered THREE DAYS after I’d made my payment! Unbelievable!   I mean, truly, it doesn’t get much better than that.  Even during the Christmas rush, the knife I bought as a holiday gift for my lady showed up far, far earlier than I’d believed possible.  You folks reading this, don’t simply rely on Pinoy Steel’s representations…take the word of a decades-long knife enthusiast!  I let my cold steel defend my life and property.  That means I buy only when I’m  convinced that the quality and customer service are second to none.  This is the place for me, and I hope that you, too, will “flip” over what you see and decide that it’s for you as well.


I am very pleased with the 24CM balisong comb. I am impressed by the high quality craftsmanship of the comb. This is the BEST balisong comb anywhere that I have found. The three made are the only 24CM balisong-combs I have ever seen for sale. Most are 7 inches or less

If you get any fork /dining utensils balisongs in please let me know.



The balisong community has always wanted high quality knives for mastering and elevating their game.  Pinoy Steel has done something that their predecessors never tried: integrate the finest materials such as hardwoods, mammoth ivory and camel bone, for example, from all over the world to make the finest Filipino Handmade (FHM) knives in the industry!

After receiving my first knife from Pinoy Steel, I realized there was truly a difference in quality and workmanship! From that point on, I kept watchful, waiting for the latest knives from 
www.pinoysteel.com.  I have continued to acquire more FHMs from Pinoy Steel and I realize they take great pride in the work that is created in Batangas in the Philippines.  Their respect for these artisans is shown through their desire to continue to create more unique knives. Buying and customizing an FHM is a great experience and Pinoy Steel is well worth the money.

Pinoy Steel are the the only ones I trust in delivering the best FHM balisongs to the world.  Great job!  I wish you the best in the coming year.  I only see better and better knives coming in our future!



Here is my testimonial on Pinoy Steel and FHMs in general:

My first balisong was an FHM my father gave me after a visit back home to the Philippines when I was 12-13 years old. That was some 25+ years ago. I still have that knife and I’ve collected other balisongs along the way. Having an FHM, to me, is more than just a matter of cultural pride but also an appreciation for the hard work and skill that the Filipino craftsmen put in the knives given their rather crude materials and tools. What some of them actually produce are more than just tough knives but works of art also. The problem with FHM balisongs is that the quality varies greatly. Some craftsmen produce better balisongs than others. Aqcuiring one from an outside source was a hit-or-miss proposition, which is why in the intervening years since my first balisong I’ve only acquired 5-6 quality made FHM balisongs being that the only way to truly acquire a quality made balisong was to go to the Philippines, visit the various vendors and sort through their offerings. Or have somebody with an appreciation for FHMs do it for you.

This is where Pinoy Steel comes in. Jay has the same appreciation (maybe more so) for FHM balisongs as I do and knows what a quality balisong is. I have trusted the quality of the balisongs that Pinoy Steel offers ever since I bought my first one. Which is why in the few months that I’ve known Pinoy Steel I’ve bought over a dozen balisongs from him. That’s more than twice the number of FHM balisongs I acquired in 25+ years!!! Not only can you get a quality made traditional balisong made with indigenous materials but some one-of-a-kind balisongs made with imported and exotic materials. There is always a nice and wide selection of balisongs at Pinoy Steel. The craftsmen that Pinoy Steel selects take pride in their work and the end results show it. Tough, aesthetically pleasing knives that are both beautiful and functional. I will continue to buy FHM balisongs from Pinoy Steel and have no reservations as to the quality of the knife I am getting. 

I could probably go on, but I don’t want to write a book. :)



I purchased my first FHM from Pinoysteel and could not have been more happy.  First off, I can tell that Jay (owner of Pinoysteel.com) has a great eye for quality and craftsmanship. He only sells the finest blades he can find. My recent balisong purchase shows it. The pictures posted of my knife did not do the knife any justice.

The process of ordering one of these fine blades was very easy and the customer service was on a very personal level. Just shoot them an email and they get back to you ASAP. I would not hesitate to purchase another knife from Pinoysteel. Thank you Pinoysteel.



Pinoy Steel se caracteriza por la seriedad y amabilidad con que realizan sus ventas, y la calidad de sus productos. Soy dueño de un machete bicol tabako, un pinute y un ginunting, todos hermosos, de buena factura y con una gran relación precio calidad… y los he recibido sin problemas aquí, en Sudamérica, al otro lado del mundo!!! Recomiendo fuertemente a Pinoy Steel: no se arrepentirán, y estoy seguro que estarán tan satisfechos de su compre como yo. 


I got the 1st bali and keychain in today and WOW!!! I’m blown away by the quality of this bali. I never dreamed it would be of this quality! and I like the keychain just about as much as the bali. I can’t believe the quality of this little keychain, simply amazing. I’m VERY happy with this transaction. This Tasmanian Blackwood is beautiful, the blade is absolutely perfect, the fit and finish is perfect. I’m just blown away. I’ve got to find you some more of this wood. I’ll definitely be buying more FHM’s from you in the future. This is my new favorite bali now by far. I’m gonna post some pics up tomorrow on JerzeeDevil.

Thanks alot buddy!!


Well, it’s here and I’m very impressed. Very stout blade with good fit to the handles, and just a sense of old craftsmanship to the whole thing. I know I’m going to enjoy it, and I’ll be looking to deal with you again in the future.



Totally forgot to e-mail you - my balicomb came in last Saturday!

Really a gorgeous piece. Oiled it up and after a few days of handling is flipping very nicely.The mini balisong keychain was a welcome surprise too!Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the great communication, speedy shipping, and excellent product. I will definitely keep an eye on your site… I have a feeling I’ll be buying from you again in the near future! Have a good one!



You must have been reading my mind. I was researching balisong sheaths just the other day. Thank you so much for sending me one!!! And, thanks for the teeny weeny keychain that I received with the 19.5 bali. They match!!! I’ve already been able to get the larger one well on its way to being broken in…probably because it’s been in my hands almost 24/7.You are definitely playing a big part in showing collectors just how talented the makers of Filipino handmade balisongs and other knives are, while also keeping a tradition alive. Once again, I cannot tell you how fortunate that I am to have found Pinoy Steel!!!Thanks for everything, my friend.



As a newly-obsessed 16 year old, I wanted to be sure that for my first balisong trainer I wouldn’t be getting something that would fall apart within hours. I did a lot of research, then stumbled upon Pinoy Steel. At first I was reluctant, as I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a FHM balisong trainer, but as I browsed more and more I realised that this website could offer me the best, for the least money! I emailed Jay and he was helpful with all my queries, patient with my ignorance and I got replies to all my messages within 12 hours. 
I finally got an order going, and it arrived this morning,  I opened it up, and couldn’t help but smiling when I held it in my hand! The picture definitely doesn’t do it justice, it’s a gorgeous looking trainer, lovely weight, for someone new to flipping and balisongs in general, I was impressed!
I’ve got to say, Jay was helpful and considerate throughout the whole process. I appreciate the time he put into helping me with my decision! I can’t wait for it to loosen up so I can start flipping! I’m sure I’ll be buying from Pinoy Steel again, as this guy cannot be beaten when it comes to balisongs!
Thanks again, Jay!




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