About Us

Pinoy Steel endeavors to promote traditional Filipino and Southeast Asian blade forging and knife making while helping the craftsmen and their families live better lives. We aim to show the world Philippines craftsmen continue to produce quality knives and swords that can stand with the best out there.
Pinoy Steel was started in 2010. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I had heard of the infamous Batangas balisong, but I could not get my hands on one no matter how hard I tried. I finally got my chance in 2009 when I came across several in a small handicrafts store in Manila. They were rough and far from the best quality available, but I didn't know that at the time and I bought two. They are still, today, among the most loved knives in my collection.
As my travels around the Philippines became more frequent and my collection grew, I realized the blades I was acquiring had to be shared. I also saw that Philippines blacksmiths and their families needed help. I am blessed to be able to both promote the industry's products and help the men and women that earn their livelihoods through crafting the best blades the Philippines has to offer. Pinoy Steel now proudly offers carefully selected blades and products from all around the Philippines, as well as other Southeast Asian nations.
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