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SOLD 8.5" WWII Philippines Moro Gunong / Punyal Dagger with Banati and Nickel Silver Handle and Sheath
This WWII gunong/punyal is in excellent condition, given its age. This is no oversized tourist sp..
SOLD 26.5 cm Balisong with All Stainless Handles, Flat Kamagong Heartwood and Stainless Spearpoint Blade
  This kamagong spearpoint is shorter than usual at 26.5 cm: what I consider the pe..
9 1/8" Japanese-made Old School Balisong with Skeletonized Stainless Steel Handles and 440 High Hollow Bowie Blade
These Japanese made balisongs are 9 1/8" long and a solid 8.3 oz. The high hollow bowie blades ar..
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8 7/8" 420 Stainless Skeletonized Basketweave Balisong / Butterfly Knife with Bearings, Spring Latch and Hollowground Recurve Blade
This balisong measures in at 8 7/8″. It features the handle skeletonizing that many flippers ar..
OUT OF STOCK FHM Balisong Keychains
TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! Here at Pinoy Steel, we offer Batangas-made balisong keychains that..
2" West Java / Sundan Indonesia Gold Plated Golok Keychain
  This is a gold-plated keychain representing the golok, which is both an agricultural t..
SOLD 25 1/8" Cebuano Pinuti Sundang with Aluminum Handle and Rattan-Wrapped Scabbard #1
The pinuti is a classic Cebuano blade. It was originally used in the fields and they are long and..
16.1" Cambodian / Khmer Hand Forged Carbon Spring Steel Integral Jungle Knife / Scythe #2
This integral knife was hand forged in northern Cambodia, home to the city of Angkor. Angkor was ..
8.9" Chinese Stainless Steel Spring Latch Balicomb with Bushings & Laser Engraved Cloud Handles
  Here’s a laser-engraved balicomb from the same craftsmen in China as the other balis..
9" Stainless Steel Solid Handle Balisong Comb with Bushings and Spring Latch
Please note these aren't pictures of the exact comb you will get, but being machine made, they ar..
SOLD 18 3/4" Cebuano Native Bolo Sundang with Rattan Wrap and Shellacked Scabbard
  This is a Cebuano native bolo. This kind of bolo was around before the arrival of the ..
SOLD .7" Rama / Shinta Wayang Kulit / Javanese Ramayana Shadow Puppet Silver Plated Bookmark
This is a bookmark depicting the Javanese shadow puppet versions of Rama and Shinta, the chief ch..
8.9" Chinese Stainless Steel Spring Latch Balicomb with Bearings & Checkered Handles
These beautiful balicombs are made in small batches for the new generation of balisong flippers i..
OUT OF STOCK 9.2" Stainless Steel Weehawk Balisong with Bushings and Spring Latch
  Here’s the model that started it all: solid 420 stainless scales that are pinned tog..
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9" Stainless Steel 42-Pattern Balisong Comb with Bearings and Spring Latch
These balicombs are made of 420 stainless steel: a good, durable, corrosion resistant choice. The..
OUT OF STOCK 12" Hong Kong Made Carbon Steel Chinese Chef's Knife / Chopper / Slicer with Wood Handle Size 2
  This is a very nicely made chef’s knife from Hong Kong. Nowadays, most knives of thi..
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OUT OF STOCK 9" Stainless Steel Balisong / Comb with 42-Style Holes, Screw Pivots, Bushings and Spring Latch
These beautiful balicombs are made in small batches for the new generation of balisong flippers i..
Small Fleece-Lined Nylon Knife Case
  I have five of these small padded cases that were carefully handmade in the Philip..
16 1/2" Vietnam Hand Forged Carbon Steel Socket Handle Chopper / Knife
This Vietnamese chopper is rarely if ever available outside Vietnam, and I got some interested lo..
OUT OF STOCK Cat Keychain and Alloy Pry Bar Impact Devices
  Two impact devices for your viewing pleasure today: the ‘cat’ keychain appears to ..
9" Japanese Seki-City Golden Dragon Balisong (Gold Plated)
  These Japanese made balisongs are 9" long and  ju..
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OUT OF STOCK 9.5" Bicolano Hand Forged Carbon Steel Labahas / Straight Razors with Clear Acrylic Handles
  The blue and brown razors are now sold! These straight razors are not as refined i..
SOLD 18.5" Sarawak Malaysia Parang Candung with Acacia Handle and Scabbard and Hand Forged Carbon Spring Steel Blade
 This 18 1/2" parang candung is from the island of Borneo: Sarawak, to be exact. Interesting..
15 1/4" Burma / Myanmar Carbon Steel Dha Knife with Bamboo Handle
This is a dha (the Burmese word for knife). The upswept curve to the blade is uniquely Burmese. P..
9" Retro Japanese Taylor Brass and Rosewood Golden Dragon Balisong / Butterfly Knife
  These are still being made in Seki City, Japan: the traditional heart of Japanese..
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20" Cebuano Plamingko / Talibong with Scottish Stag Handle and Handcarved Dragon Scabbard
This is a top quality, custom made, plamingko knife (known as a talibong in other parts of the Vi..
SOLD 12 3/4" Cebuano Spanish Bowie / Plamingko Knife with Gmelina Wood Handle and Sheath
  These blades are from a forge in Cebu that is a little bit of a secret. Away from the ..
SOLD 6.5" 1/4" Thick Hand Forged Carbon Steel Karambit / Kerambit Trainer from Cebu
This carbon steel training karambit was custom made for me in Cebu. This forge normally only make..
SOLD 24 5/8" Hand Forged Carbon Spring Steel Ginunting with Kamagong Ebony Handle and Mulawin Scabbard
These ginuntings were designed by one of the foremost and well-known instructors in the Pekiti-Ti..
22" Laser Engraved Stainless Arnis / Eskrima / Kali Sticks
  I have four arnis sticks which are made on a small scale for Chinese kung fu practitio..
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