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SOLD 39" Kamagong and Jigged Horse Bone Philippines Air Force Brass Balisword
            I’ve never offered one of these baliswords before..
OUT OF STOCK 9.5" Bicolano Hand Forged Carbon Steel Labahas / Straight Razors with Clear Acrylic Handles
  The blue and brown razors are now sold! These straight razors are not as refined i..
24 cm Balisong Trainer with Brass Bolsters, Kamagong Handle and Stainless Steel Training Blade
This trainer is from the best craftsmen today and features a solid stainless steel training blade..
SOLD 6.5" 1/4" Thick Hand Forged Carbon Steel Karambit / Kerambit Trainer from Cebu
This carbon steel training karambit was custom made for me in Cebu. This forge normally only make..
SOLD 29 cm Balisong with Hand Finished African Bubinga and Red Stag Inserts, Stainless Bolsters and Carbon Steel Bayonet Blade with Bottle Opener
  The balisong measures in at exactly 29 cm: a textbook bente nueve. It features a ..
18.3 cm Stainless Balifork / Balisong Fork with Jigged Horse Bone Inserts and Aluminum Bolsters
  This balifork is not from the best makers and is definitely a little rougher around th..
SOLD 32” Kamagong Ebony, Jigged Bone and Brass Balisword with an Eagle Rambo Blade
    This balisword measures in at 32”. This is around the standard size for a..
REFINISHING 28.9cm Balisong with Premium Cocobolo Inserts, Carbon Steel Bowie / Buyod Blade with Deep Swedge and Stainless Bolsters
  This balisong is an absolute beauty. It measures in at 28.9 cm long and features ..
SOLD 29 cm Balisong / Butterfly Knife with Hand Finished Sapele and European Red Stag, Stainless Bolsters and Carbon Steel WWII Bayonet Blade with Bottle Opener
  This bayonet is very much a unique piece. At precisely 29 cm, it is a classic ben..
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