Hong Kong High Roast Fujian Shuixian Oolong Tea

Hong Kong High Roast Fujian Shuixian Oolong Tea
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This is shuixian oolong tea from Northern Fujian. What is it doing here? Well, I drink a lot of Chinese tea every day, and I have access to some very special tea you can’t find anywhere else but right here in Hong Kong. This shuixian (water sprite) is carefully roasted. Roasting select oolong is an art that all but died during the Cultural Revolution in China, but migrants from China brought the skills with them when they moved to Hong Kong. Three generations of this family have been roasting and selling tea from their home province in an area of town where the rent is skyrocketing. The neighborhood is gentrifying at an astonishing pace, but this store still has it’s original decor from sixty years ago. It’s like taking a step back in time. High roasted oolongs like this shuixian are most popular in Chiuchow, Guangdong and Fujian province, where the art of kung fu tea (making tea skillfully) originated. Oolong teas have an entire host of health benefits that you can easily find out about with a quick Google search.

I’ve decided to add a tea category to the site: this will be my first offering! To me, this tea tastes like sweet, sour and salty buttered popcorn. Others taste minerals. It is my favorite oolong. Most oolong sold today is green. Sadly, roasted oolong is less popular in China today, but it continues to have a following among tea connoisseurs worldwide. Roast oolong has a much fuller flavor than the ‘green’ kind, and this is truly expertly roasted tea. Tea from this roaster is not available in the west.



The tea brews dark and flavorful. Brewing oolong correctly is an art in itself, but I’d be happy to provide advice on kung fu brewing. I’m still learning myself, but I do brew several pots of tea a day, so I am getting my skills down fairly quickly.


$59 for 150g including shipping. More to come.

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