16.1" Cambodian / Khmer Hand Forged Carbon Spring Steel Integral Jungle Knife / Scythe #2

16.1" Cambodian / Khmer Hand Forged Carbon Spring Steel Integral Jungle Knife / Scythe #2
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This integral knife was hand forged in northern Cambodia, home to the city of Angkor. Angkor was an incredible civilization, and at is peak, was one of the largest and most advanced cities in the world. The Khmer people have an incredible culture, and, as is often the case with the world’s peoples, this is evident in the blades they use. While this working knife is far from pretty, it is a masterpiece of design, and truly represents Cambodian anthropology and history.

This Cambodian integral jungle knife is one of two I have in stock and it is a truly interesting, and very usable, agricultural and wilderness tool. It is long and light, making it ideal for light tropical vegetation. It would, of course, be perfect for yard clearing in the West, or as an expedient weapon anywhere in the world.

This knife measures in at 16.1″ overall, and weights 1 lb 2.9 oz. It was hand forged from carbon spring steel, and is of integral construction: all one piece. While this isn’t the prettiest scythe around, it is practical, solid, and doesn’t have a wooden handle for you to worry about or replace. The curved blade, backswept construction and the convex grind mean this blade is both an excellent cutting tool and a tough one to boot. 

The length of the cutting edge is maximized, and the tip makes this one heck of a chopping and slashing weapon. The blade is forged with a distal taper, but widens toward the tip. This improves balance and cutting performance. Similar working blades are also found in Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, which share somewhat similar cultures to Cambodia, but this particular expression of blade culture is all Khmer. 

When I purchased the first of these jungle knives, a local who didn’t speak much English said two words as he handled it. “Khmer Pride.” Throughout South and Southeast Asia, local scythes are often the first and most indispensable tool in a farmer’s life. In some parts of Indonesia, pointed scythes are revered as weapons (for good reason).




The balance point is 4″ in front of the socket handle, which allows for more efficient cutting. The spine tapers from 8mm to 2mm at the tip. While the entire cutting edge is sharpened to a utility edge, it’s the end of the blade that is meant to do most of the work. The shape of the blade maximizes the efficiency of the blade’s length. Compared to a parang or western machete of the same length, this machete will definitely cut easier and deeper. The blade is 2.4″ wide at the end. 

There is a Khmer forge stamp on the blade. The forge scale is retained; this is a rustic-looking blade. Keeping the forge scale on the blade preserves the temper (often lost during polishing) and also holds oil well, preventing corrosion.


The 4.5″ long handle is surprisingly comfortable. The design of the handle allows you to creep up on the blade. I have large hands, and find the size of the handle just fine. In the Northern Philippines and Taiwan, socket handles are usually wrapped with natural fiber for greater comfort and grip, but the 1.2″ wide socket handle on this machete is perfectly comfortable as is. 


The handle is drilled to take a wooden extension, the length of which varies depending on usage. A shorter handle is best for jungle use or close quarters combat, while a longer one could be used to harvest fruit from high up in a tree. 






This is a unique and well-thought-out design from an area that is home to one of the greatest cities and civilizations of the pre-Columbian world. Only here at Pinoy Steel! $119.

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