17 cm Austrian Trattenbach Feitl Slipjoint Knives with Stained Wood Handles and Stainless Blades (Three Available)

17 cm Austrian Trattenbach Feitl Slipjoint Knives with Stained Wood Handles and Stainless Blades (Three Available)
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One green, one red and one orange feitl now sold.

Austria. I first visited Wien (aka Vienna) in ‘88, when my uncle and father had set up a watch business there. I didn’t visit again until this year, after my fathers untimely passing. My dad had spent several years in Austria and loved the place. He raved about the clean air, lack of crime and excellent produce. After visiting this year, I can see why he liked it so much. 

These Austrian feitls are the only truly Austrian knives available today, aside from the Glock field knives used by the Austrian Army. Made in the small town of Trattenbach, these are a challenge to find, even in the capital. 

These feilts are very simple. They feature simple stained wood handles. The rings provide grip, and the thin, 1/16" thick stainless blades fold into a groove in the handle. There is no lock or backspring on these knives. This is the simplest folding knife design I have personally ever encountered, but their beauty is their simplicity. These knives are still handmade in Trattenbach as they have been for hundreds of years, but few in Austria (and even fewer outside the country) are familiar with these classic folding knives.

Each feitl is 17 cm long when open, and 11.6 cm closed. The blades are 7.4 cm long. Each one weighs around 27 g, or just under an ounce.


On the left, from the top:

1. Red #1 weighs in at 27.1 g

2. Blue #1 is 27.6 g, and has a small ding in the handle

3. Green #1 is 27 g.

On the right, from the top:

1. Green #2 is looser than green #1. 27.5 g

2. Orange #1 

3. Red #2 is quite tight

All of the blades are stamped with a tiny matchlock rifle.




The round handles are quite comfortable in hand, and the thin blade is excellent for light cutting and slicing tasks.





These knives make great EDCs anywhere in the world and are unique collectibles too! Only $36 shipped. Just let me know which one(s) you’d like!

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