OUT OF STOCK 9.5" Bicolano Hand Forged Carbon Steel Labahas / Straight Razors with Clear Acrylic Handles

OUT OF STOCK 9.5" Bicolano Hand Forged Carbon Steel Labahas / Straight Razors with Clear Acrylic Handles
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Product Length: 24.50 cm
Product Weight: 2.00 oz
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The blue and brown razors are now sold!

These straight razors are not as refined in construction as those in the west, but they are absolutely made to use. They are hand forged carbon spring steel with a deep hollow grind. The handles are clear acrylic.

With proper maintenance, they will last a lifetime. All three will shave arm hair cleanly, but will need honing and stropping to use on your face. Unfortunately I don’t have the waterstones needed to get these to where they need to be, but I will eventually have one professionally honed in the US so I can use one instead of the Japanese Feather blades I currently use.

I have these razors in three colors: blue, brown and green. The blue and brown are in great shape, but the green has some pitting that I buffed clean. The pits remain and would have to be ground out. You can also see some marks from the felt wheel I used, so it is discounted. The buffing wheel marks can be removed by hand (they have to be polished out).







The green and brown razors are marked Tabaco City: the bolos I offer from Tabaco are always good sellers. Tabaco City is named after the tabak, or bolo, that is used in the region. The blacksmiths down in Tabaco are excellent at forging blades, and blades have been forged there for over 500 years.





I couldn’t capture the pitting on the last razor very well, but it’s there and it would take a fair amount of work to remove, so it is discounted. There has been a lot of interest in these razors; they would make great utility or defensive blades too (where legal).

The blue razor measures in at 24 cm (end to end) and is 2.1 oz. SOLD.

The brown razor is 24.7 cm and is 2 oz. SOLD.

The green razor is 24.1 cm and weighs in at 1.9 oz. $18.

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