2 3/4" Hand Loomed Yakan Fabric Bangles from Basilan

2 3/4" Hand Loomed Yakan Fabric Bangles from Basilan
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These bangles were also made by a Yakan women's cooperative on the island of Basilan. High in the mountains which the Abu Sayyaf call home, the proceeds from these items help support their families and allow their children to get an education. I paid a fair market price for these and truly risked life and limb to get the Yakan products I offer directly on the island.


These bangles feature beautiful hand loomed Yakan fabric. I believe there is a plastic bangle in the center. Making bangles like this by hand takes a great deal of skill to get the fabric taught and wrinkle free. Again, this is a unique item you won’t find anywhere else! The internal diameter of these bangles is 2 3/4”.




These are truly beautiful and rare items you won’t find anywhere else! $25 each, or $45 for the pair. 

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