OUT OF STOCK Cat Keychain and Alloy Pry Bar Impact Devices

OUT OF STOCK Cat Keychain and Alloy Pry Bar Impact Devices
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Two impact devices for your viewing pleasure today: the ‘cat’ keychain appears to be a fairly tough molded black plastic. The design allows you to slip your fingers through the eyes so you can punch with it. The ears will serve well for pressure point application. The holes are rather small (15/16”), so this might be better suited to someone with medium-sized hands. It is 5/16” thick, so it should hold up well. Nice and light at 0.3 oz. $7 with the purchase of any other item.


The pry bar is chrome plated zinc alloy and is intended for use as a kubotan. It has a bottle opener at one end and tapers at the other end. Being zinc alloy, I don’t know how durable it would be for actual prying, but it makes an excellent (and discreet) impact device. 


The pry bar has a short loop of bead chain on one end: this could be replaced with paracord or any other material you’d like to pass through the lanyard hole.


These pry bars (I have two) are 3/16” thick and 5 13/16” long. $15 with any other item.

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