SOLD 2" West Java / Sundan Kujang / Keris Gold Plated Keychain

SOLD 2" West Java / Sundan Kujang / Keris Gold Plated Keychain
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This is a gold-plated kujang keychain. The kujang is revered by the Sundanese of West Java as much as the keris is revered in much of Central and Eastern Java. Aside from being an excellent weapon, it is also a religious symbol. The three holes on the top are thought to be representative of the trimurti, or the three central gods in Hinduism. Modern versions now sometimes have five holes since Islam is now the predominant religion in Indonesia. It was originally an agricultural tool (much like a small scythe), but it has far more symbolism now.

Standing between two wall-mounted kujangs is thought to mean death!




This beautiful keychain is great for the silat aficionado, especially those that practice West Javanese styles such as mande muda. This is not an item you’ll find anywhere else! Packed in a beautiful batik-paper wrapped box. 2”. 0.1 oz. $29.

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