6 3/4" Arjuna Wayang Kulit / Ramayana Shadow Puppet and Keris Silver-Plated Letter Opener

6 3/4" Arjuna Wayang Kulit / Ramayana Shadow Puppet and Keris Silver-Plated Letter Opener
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Java, like much of Asia, including Butuan in the Philippines and even further north in Luzon, was affected by Buddhism and Hinduism. Indonesia, without a doubt, still preserves many of the traditions, beliefs and language that once permeated the cultures and kingdoms of the Nusantara. 

This beautiful, genuine silver-plated letter opener depicts the wayang kulit(shadow puppet) version of Arjuna, one of the characters from the Hindu epic the Mahabarata. 

The body of the opener is modeled after the Javanese keris, which has long been renowned for its beauty, symbolism and the mystery that surrounds it. A good number of historians and martial artists believe it is an adaptation of an ancient weapon depicted in Hindu paintings and sculptures. 

While keris are found throughout Southeast Asia, it is perhaps in Java where the art of the keris was most advanced. Southern Philippines keris are edge sharp and were (and still are) capable of stabbing, slashing and chopping, but the Javanese keris has long been a thrusting weapon. The keris are still highly respected throughout Asia, even though Islam now dominates the vast majority of regions where the keris was once the weapon of choice. Keris are often believed to be closely tied in with mysticism and the spirit world by many Indonesians and Malaysians, in particular, the Javanese.

This 6.7”, 0.4 oz opener comes in a gift box with Javanese batik print and a plastic sleeve with a blue paper insert. It also comes with a brief description of who Bima is and why he was important in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.This would make a great gift for yourself or for someone you know who is interested in Asian culture, mythology or even silat. These are not available anywhere outside Indonesia. $35.



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