SOLD 23.9 cm Balisong Trainer with Brass Bolsters, Kamagong Ebony Heartwood Handles and Stainless Steel Training Blade

SOLD 23.9 cm Balisong Trainer with Brass Bolsters, Kamagong Ebony Heartwood Handles and Stainless Steel Training Blade
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Product Length: 23.90 cm
Product Weight: 5.80 oz
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This trainer measures in at 23.9 cm and features a thinner than normal (for a trainer) stainless steel blade. This makes for a more natural feel, but the blade is still thicker than normal compared to a live balisong since the blade isn't ground to an edge and point. The blade is, however, shaped to mimic a blade, which is good for training applications where you want a trainer that resembles a balisong with a normal latch configuration.


Each of the solid brass bolsters is double pinned for durability. The kamagong heartwood is beautiful with excellent chatoyancy and figuring. I have cleaned and polished the wood and metal, but I haven't hand finished it, which significantly improves its appearance and the overall fit and finish. Hand finishing would be an additional $20.


The blade is well ground and better balanced than most FHM trainers. Usually the trainer blades on FHMs are thick and solid so they can take drops during training, and a heavy blade is more likely to hit the ground first, which protects the handles. I still would not suggest using a trainer on concrete or tile if you want your trainer to last. This applies to all balisong trainers made anywhere, regardless of price!


This trainer is pinned tight and will require breaking in like a normal FHM balisong. I do not recommend this for generalized flipping. This trainer is best suited to use in martial arts training, whether you practice a Filipino martial arts system or something else entirely. Most Filipino balisongs should not be flipped closed as they are built with a different philosophy: the largest possible blade is concealed within the handles for maximum wound trauma when stabbed into tissue. When flipped closed, the blade will hit the hand folded stainless housings hard, which will over time wear the housings down and even split them.



This trainer has a nice, thick brass latch.


This is a great trainer from Batangas' best balisong craftsmen. 5.8 oz. $95, or $115 with hand finishing.

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