SOLD 39" Kamagong and Jigged Horse Bone Philippines Air Force Brass Balisword

SOLD 39" Kamagong and Jigged Horse Bone Philippines Air Force Brass Balisword
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I’ve never offered one of these baliswords before: they are the rarest of all, especially in bone and kamagong, which you’ll only find right here at Pinoy Steel. These baliswords are presented to retiring members of the Philippines Air Force base in Batangas. The eagle tang on these swords is significantly different and the blade is solid brass.

This balisword measures approximately 39” long open.

The bolsters and liners are solid brass, and each bolster is double pinned. Each insert (kamagong, aka Philippines ebony and jigged horse bone) is also pinned twice for durability. The aluminum pins are purely decorative. The pins on this sword are much more even than on most, which is why I picked it up for Pinoy Steel. When latched open, there is some side-to-side blade play.

This sword is not meant to be a user, of course, but it is nice and sharp and could be used in a pinch if need be.

The bone was carefully jigged too.

The blade is ‘rambo’ style with a sawback portion and ventilation holes. There is a Philippines eagle on the spine and Air Force style wings on the tang.

Closed, this sword measures in at 19.7” (20.5” including the eagle tang).

This is a big, solid balisword at 2 lb 12 oz.

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