29.1 cm Balisong Comb with Stainless Bolsters and African Wenge and Batangas Horse Bone Handles

29.1 cm Balisong Comb with Stainless Bolsters and African Wenge and Batangas Horse Bone Handles
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Product Length: 29.10 cm
Product Weight: 6.00 oz
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Price: $175.00
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Please note like most Filipino handmade balisongs, this comb should not be flipped closed as this can potentially damage the handles.


Length: 29.1 cm

Blade Steel: 300-series stainless steel comb

Blade Thickness: 5/32"

Bolsters/Housing/Latch: All 300-series stainless steel

Handle Materials: Select African Wenge and Batangas Horse Bone

Bolster Pins: Two in each bolster

Weight: 6 oz


This is the largest of the balicombs made today; prior to 2010, balicombs in Batangas were only made in the 19 cm / 7.5" size. We commissioned the first larger balicombs and they've been a resounding success! This size would be great for a hair professional. The combs are hand ground and the teeth are sawed into the stainless bar with a hacksaw, entirely by hand. This takes a great deal of skill to get right; one slipup and the stainless bar has to be scrapped.


The wenge is dark brown and black; it is glossy from the buffing wheel and has not been hand finished.

I would charge an additional $39 to hand finish the wood on this comb as it would take a great deal of time and effort to work around the bone.

I finish the wood with oil and wax after careful hand sanding to 2000 grit. This gives the wood a matte finish, but also removes all excess buffing compound and dust, and greatly improves the fit and appearance of the wood. 


You can see the wave-like figuring inherent in wenge clearly here.


The comb was well ground; maybe a 9/10 in my book.





This is a top notch balicomb in the rare 29 cm size; a Pinoy Steel original. $175. Please add $39 for hand finishing.

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