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 23.3 cm 420 Stainless Balisong with Bearings, Laser Engraved Cloud Handles, Single-Edged Spearpoint / Dagger Blade and Spring Latch
  This 23.3 cm butterfly knife is also a new model with a grind that hasn’t been ..
9.2" 420 Stainless Balisong / Butterfly Knife with Skeletonized Handles, Bushings, Spring Latch and Dagger / Spearpoint Blade
  This balisong measures in at 23.3 cm. It features the handle skeletonizing many f..
9.2" 420 Stainless Skeletonized Basketweave Balisong / Butterfly Knife with Bushings, Spring Latch and Single-Edged Spearpoint Blade
  This is the first time I’m offering this particular combination of blade and handles..
SOLD 26.5 cm Balisong with All Stainless Handles, Flat Kamagong Heartwood and Stainless Spearpoint Blade
  This kamagong spearpoint is shorter than usual at 26.5 cm: what I consider the pe..
9 1/4" 420 Stainless Basketweave Balisong / Butterfly Knife with Bearings, Spring Latch and Single Edged Dagger / Spearpoint Blade
  This balisong measures in at 9 1/4". It does not feature handle skeletonizing like the..
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9.3" Acehnese Rencong Aceh Dagger with Nickel Silver Blade, Water Buffalo Bone and Horn Handle and Horn Sheath
This is a genuine Acehnese rencong, and beautifully crafted in the traditional manner. The sheath..
SOLD 8.5" WWII Philippines Moro Gunong / Punyal Dagger with Banati and Nickel Silver Handle and Sheath
This WWII gunong/punyal is in excellent condition, given its age. This is no oversized tourist sp..
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